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Once upon a time, there lived a fiendishly evil Demon. Upon that same time, there lived a Princess. They met. Afterwards, there remained a Demon and a Princess. Historians are still confused about that one.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

001 Let the Merriment Begin

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---Scott Writes---
Well, the first comic is finally up!
However, I am very much hoping that this comic shall soon move to But as this needed to go up today, and as I only submitted the ComicGenesis application today, the comic shall continue on this blog for a while, at least.

And, speaking of needing to go up today,...

This comic is a member of the ultra-wimpy three man Biweekly Grind Lead Man Challenge. The competition is to see who can update the longest without skipping a day. The prize is a steak dinner. The other contestants are...
Kent Morris' Suits,
and Leigh's Vanished Utopia.

May the best two-person team win!