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Once upon a time, there lived a fiendishly evil Demon. Upon that same time, there lived a Princess. They met. Afterwards, there remained a Demon and a Princess. Historians are still confused about that one.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

023: Beginning....Ending...Its All About the Little Black Box

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We have honor. More honor than this guy, even ( Not to mention we are owed a steak dinner!

In other words, the cowardly Leigh Robbins of Vanished Utopia and a couple of "I can't draw the next comic" spin-offs, and the equally cowardly Kent Morris of Suits Comic and Tortilla Shootout have fled the field of the Biweekly Grind Lead Man Challenge!

We sneer at them and hurtle insults, we blow our nose at them and fart (metaphorically -- Demon and Princess is a classy comic strip, and refrains entirely from any hint of scatalogical humor) in their general direction while neglecting our shiny grail which they shall never have. Silly American-types. Don't ask us what we are doing in America.

We, however, plan not on letting even victory in this contest slow our march towards inevitable glorious honor. We shall continue to offer you the same high quality in hand-drawn and computer coloured comics, as well as the same in random nonsensical garbled text in the semblence of jokes. We shall do this consistently, or at least semi-consistently. Why? Simple.

We are A Vultures.

Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.


P. S. Eventually, I shall continue my series of articles about pre-Tolkien fantasy in this news area. Eventually. Probably not until I'm done with school for the semester.

P. P. S. Comments are enabled on this day's page. Bring it.

[News edit published at 12:01, CST.]


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